Decorate the office according to Vastu

Decorate the office according to Vastu

In today’s lifestyle, the largest part of our day is spent in the office. Office environments and relationships have a profound impact on the quality of our lives. Office decoration and Vastu are very important. This has an impact on our efficiency, happiness, and general health. When planning office decor, one has to take care of the functional and aesthetic needs of the customer, the possibilities of available space with his own interests. There should be enough space in the office for people to sit, furniture, shelves, bedrooms and pantry spaces, and for easy movement between all those spaces, and to reach the stairs and places of fire protection. Long-term planning should always be done for office decoration, even if a small part of that plan is to be implemented at present, as the need and funds increase. The master plan should be such that you do not have to remove whatever new thing you put in today even when you increase the office. If we keep in mind the basic principles of the different components of the office, then it will help to envisage the master plan.

The place of reception first affects the customer.

The decor should be good, representing the company’s interest and style. Models and visuals of the company’s products and services can be displayed. The design of the place should be such that the receptionist can keep a close watch on the people coming and going.

The conference room should be easily accessible from the entrance.

Access to the toilet should be accessible. Presentation items such as screens, televisions, video monitors, blackboards, flip charts should be fitted in order and furniture should be fitted in such a way that the members can communicate easily. The background of the walls and the presentation should be quiet and neutral in color, thus creating an atmosphere of collective discussion.

Lighting makes the design come alive.

A balanced snapping in the lighting system does not cause dullness. It should be noted that the eyes are not stressed. Savings will be noted by having as many separate lights and switches as possible for each seat and place.

Flooring material is selected keeping in mind the work of the place concerned.

This takes care of durability, color, cost, and maintenance.

New storage devices are in the market.

Before deciding on self, cupboard, filing cabinet, drawer unit, etc., make sure to look at the entire range of these in the market and select exactly according to your need.

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